Our Communications With the Administration

All four locals are committed to being transparent and open as possible about the process of bargaining and how we get to the point of filing notices of intent to strike. So we have decided to share our communications to the university administration as we tried to bring them back to the bargaining table to secure fair, mutually agreeable contracts. We are also posting their responses to us. These will be listed in order of dates sent:

April 13, 2011: ACsE Letter Of Authority to File a Notice of Intent to Strike [PDF]

April 21, 2011: Administration’s Response Letter to ACsE [PDF]

April 14, 2011: GAU Letter of Authority to File Notice of Intent to Strike [PDF]; GAU recieved no formal communications from the administration about this letter, however we have been able to secure two bargaining meetings with the Board of Trustees team

April 18, 2011: NTTFA Letter of Authority to File a Notice of Intent to Strike [PDF]

April 25, 2011: Administration’s Response Letter to the NTTFA [PDF]; this letter contains an error on the part of the administration — NTTFA President Mike Smith’s letter was actually dated April 18 (as the PDF will show), not April 5 (as the administration’s response says). The administration has sent a correction letter about this mistake to Mike Smith

April 19, 2011: FA Letter of Authority to File a Notice of Intent to Strike [PDF]

April 25, 2011:  Administration’s Response Letter to the FA [PDF]

We are glad that the administration is willing to put their teams back at the table but we are very conscious of the phrasing used in all three response letters: “While SIUC has not changed its position on these important matters” (paragraph 3). We hope that, despite what these letters say, the Board teams will come back to the table willing to compromise rather than veto every proposal and unilaterally impose terms. We want to sit down with them and work together to sign a multi-year contract that is fair, gives job protection to quality employees, and everyone can be proud of.


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