Let the Voice of the People Be Heard

May Day is a special day for workers.

May 1st, 1886 – 125 years ago – workers across the country went on strike for an 8-hour work day. In Chicago, on May 4, the strike led to a bomb being thrown in Haymarket Square, 8 police dying and 8 labor leaders going on trial. Four were executed by the state and the fifth committed suicide in prison. In 1893, Illinois’s governor pardoned the remaining 3 labor leaders and declared the “Haymarket Affair” a travesty. It divided the country – but also brought rise to May Day, an international labor holiday on May 1st.

Join us in honoring working people on Sunday, May 1st, 2-4pm at the Varsity Theater. This event is free and open to all ages (including children!), refreshments will be served.


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