Lobby Day 2011

Kristi Brownfield, Secretary/Treasurer of Graduate Assistants United, had the honor of welcoming thousands of IEA members from all across the state to Springfield for Lobby Day. IEA is offering a replay of their streaming video from the event: here (Kristi is featured around the 23:30 mark). You can also read a text version of her comments:

Lobby Day 2011 Text

Talking to legislators is an important part of what we can do to protect our jobs. This is particularly important now as the legislature is looking at further cutting the budget for education at all levels. Next on the chopping block (again) our the pension systems, including the State University Retirement System. There is a proposal floating around the capital right now that would change the contributions of active members. The legislature’s actions last year only effected new members by creating a two-tier pension systems; now the legislature wants to change pensions for people who already are paying in. You can read more information on the proposal on the IEA’s website here [PDF].

For more information on other legislative news and to keep informed on what’s going on in Springfield, we recommend you subscribe to IEA’s Capital Report. To contact your local legislators, please visit the Illinois General Assembly for contact information and times when they will be available in their local offices. Emails and letters are good but phone calls and in-person visits are even better!


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