Chancellor’s Address

On Friday, Chanceller Cheng had another “town hall” meeting with the campus. She has promised to update her website with the speech and slideshow she gave. This post will be updated with the links to both when they appear.

You can find a video of the town hall on the Southern’s website here. Some highlights, as noted by Dave Johnson at Deo volente include:

17:25 The ostrich slide, which gets lots of laughs. The Chancellor thereafter quickly refutes some of the heresies of the unions.

25:00 My own splendid question and the Chancellor’s response.

43:09 Rachel Stocking’s question about IBB and union busting.

The “ostrich slide” noted is a picture of an ostrich with a head the sand; the implication is that the unions — or anyone who doesn’t agree with her — is the ostrich.

All four unions are trying to bargain a good, fair contract. This will ultimately benefit the university — quality employees are what keep universities running. Civil service employees, graduate assistants, and faculty are all the face of the university for our students. In our own ways we are the first and last points of contact for every student that comes through SIUC. A excellent educational experience for those students requires quality faculty, staff and graduate assistants. The things we are trying to bargain — fair wages, job security, cooperative and supportive working conditions — will help SIUC recruit and retain high quality employees.

These are not the actions of people being ostriches. These are the actions of employees who want to build a better SIUC, both for today and tomorrow.


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