Pensions Under Attack

The IEA government relations team (the people who lobby on our behalf to the Illinois legislature) believes that a vote on pensions could happen in the House this week. Potential changes to pensions include:

Changing the retirement age to 67

Forcing members to pay hundreds, if not thousands, more into their pensions each year

Making members of SURS, who do not qualify for social security, rely on risky retirement investment accounts for their retirement savings

Now would be the time to contact your local legislators and let them know what you think about these proposed changes. The IEA is offering a contact form or you can call them directly at their offices:

List of Illinois SenatorsSenator David S. Luechtefeld is the Senator for the 58th district, which includes SIUC and Carbondale
List of Illinois RepresentativesRepresentative Mike Bost is the Representative for the 118th district, which includes SIUC and Carbondale

If you live outside of those districts, please make sure to contact your own Senators and Representatives and identify yourself as their constituent!


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