SB512 (Pension Reform) Out of Committee

Some information that just came through the IEA Facebook page says that SB 512 has moved out of committee with a 6-2-1 vote — which means a House vote could happen anytime (though the IEA seems to believe it will happen tomorrow). You can see video of SIU President Glenn Poshard discussing the negative effect of pension reform on SIUC (around the 3:30 mark). CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR. Both Senator Luechtefeld’s and Representative Bost’s offices have told me (and others who have called about this issue) that they oppose SB512. This does not mean we should stop putting pressure on them (and other regional legislators); call again, ask your coworkers to call, ask your neighbors to call. This change is unconstitutional and unfair — speak up and stop SB512.


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