Yet More on Pensions

Full disclosure: I am not a member of any of the Illinois pension systems and because of this I am not as informed as I could be. I am working to field questions, if you have them, but this essentially becomes an electronic game of telephone where I pass on questions and pass back answers, so you may be waiting a bit.

That said — here’s some more information about pensions from Randy Hughes, President of the Faculty Association:

The expected legislation which would greatly reduce current SURS pension benefits for current employees has been filed and could be acted on very quickly. The details of this plan are included in House Amendment #1 to SB 512 and a hearing over the amendment is scheduled for the House Personnel and Pensions Committee this morning. The gist of the proposal is to force current employees participating in SURS either to increase contributions from their paychecks for pensions from 8% to 15.31% or to accept the second tier pension benefits enacted for employees entering the system after December 31, 2010. For more information see then call your state legislators:


In solidarity,
Randy Hughes

We Are One – Illinois is providing a toll free number to use to connect to your legislator: 888-412-6570

Use the system at the IEA site to email your legislator:

Stay informed about future developments through these web sites:

State Universities Annuitants Association

Illinois Education Association

We Are One – Illinois


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