Joint ULPs Filed

The Association of Civil Service Employees (ACsE), Faculty Association (FA), Graduate Assistants United (GAU), and the Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association (NTT) all filed Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges against the SIUC Board of Trustees today. The charges assert that the SIUC administration has “interfered with, restrained, and coerced” SIUC employees in exercising their legal rights and “failed and refused to bargain in good faith” with each of the four locals. In addition to that main charge, ACsE, FA, and NTT, also charged bad faith bargaining due to the SIUC administration “declaring impasse, and unlawfully unilaterally imposing terms and conditions of employment.” Finally, the NTT filed an additional allegation of bad faith on behalf of the faculty in the Head Start program when the university unilaterally changed the 2011 Spring Break of teachers in the program without negotiation.

What does that mean? Basically it means we allege that the administration has not engaged in good faith bargaining and many of the actions they have taken — such as the “administrative closure days” — should be considered illegal. This is one way we can try and bring the administration back to the bargaining table; we want good contracts and it has become increasingly clear that to sustain a strong voice for employee rights and ensure a fair workplace with quality employees we are going to have to stand together and fight for it.

Unions take legal action against SIU over bargaining [The Southern]


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