A Little Good News, A Little Warning

Two things in today’s news round-up:

Adjuncts Win Union Vote at East-West U. [Inside Higher Ed]: East-West University, in Chicago, has been trying to organize for over a year. Just as they had filed an organizing petition with the National Labor Relations Board this time last year, the university decided to fire all the adjuncts (suspicious timing!). That move only temporarily stopped the unionization drive at East-West and it’s good to see all the hard work of the organizers pay off and welcome another local into the IEA-NEA family.

AAUP President Urges Faculty to Join Battle Against Unwarranted Cuts [Chronicle of Higher Education]: The headline here — check your university budgets carefully — is one we should definitely keep in mind as we start to move into the next fiscal year on July 1st. As Dave Johnson at Deo volente points out, the budget for higher education (and SIUC) appropriations looks a lot better than expected. So it is our job to keep a careful eye on what the administration is going to do with its budget for FY2011-2011 — particularly if they want to enforce furloughs again.


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