AAUP Summer Institute and Calls for Economic Change

If you have some free time this summer and don’t mind traveling, the Chronicle of Higher Education has a short blurb advertising the American Association of University Professors’ (AAUP) Summer Institute. The Institute sounds like an interesting way to spend a few days learning about some of the very issues that we’re facing here at SIUC, from the legal issues, to bargaining and negotiations, to changing faculty handbooks to try and support faculty governance, and even a session on gender equity. Fair warning, however, as interesting as the Institute sounds, the registration fees are fairly high.

Also in the news is a post from Robert Reich (Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton) on Salon: How the GOP’s war on workers’ rights undermines the economy. Essentially Reich argues that the continuing attacks on worker’s rights — on unions — are a major part of what is holding back our economic recovery.


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