Unions in the News

Ohio Voters Could Decide Fate of Law Restricting Collective-Bargaining Rights: A group in Ohio actually gathered three times the required number of signatures to put repealing their law that stops collective bargaining for public education employees (by classifying them as “managers”) on a ballot. [Chronicle of Higher Education]

The Economic Upside to Ending Tenure: Referencing her new book, Naomi Schaefer Riley talks about why ending tenure would be economically good for everyone involved. It’s an interesting article — if you ignore the existence of an underpaid class of higher education employees (i.e., adjuncts) and the strong connection between tenure and academic freedom. [Chronicle of Higher Education]

Progress Illinois also put out a union scorecard and SIUC makes the list for our picket last week. You might also be interested in their corporate business scorecard, which seems to indicate that a lot of (northern) businesses are not leaving, despite the tax increase.


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