News Round-up

A few news reports that you might be interested in:

The Case for More College Grads: Apparently not enough people are going to college to meet the demands of employers for skilled workers. Of course, in a climate where millionaires can give grants to students to NOT go to college, call people who go to college “debt slaves,” and mostly be congratulated for it, it’s no wonder people aren’t going to college. [Inside Higher Ed]

And for something a little closer to home:

President of Southern Illinois U. Says His Granddaughter Deserves Her Scholarship [Chronicle of Higher Education] and SIU president’s granddaughter wins merit scholarship to school [Chicago Tribune]: Glenn Poshard’s granddaughter won a merit scholarship to SIUC (congratulations to her!) and this is raising questions. From the articles, it seems like she is eminently qualified for the scholarship and that Poshard himself had nothing to do with her selection — but the perception of nepotism may still be there anyway, particularly after the recent controversies about admissions at the University of Illinois. You can actually hear Glenn Poshard talk about this in his Morning Conversation with Jennifer Fuller interview posted today (along with budget issues and how state policies are effecting employees).


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