SIUC Athletics In the News

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a report about the growth and cost of college athletics today, which SIUC makes with a few staggering statistics: student fees paid for over half of the renovations called for under the Saluki Way project (at the same time cuts were being made elsewhere). On their list of growth in athletic spending, SIUC actually comes in third with a 121.6% increase since 2005. Right now, the athletic fund fee that “provides partial funding of the University’s intercollegiate programs for men and women” is $292.00 (full-time 12 credit hours). This is the second highest fee students pay, after the Student Medical Benefit Fee. In FY2004-2005, that fee was $103.00. That’s a pretty significant increase; speaking personally, I find it a steep price to pay when I have yet to attend any of the SIUC games, visit the new facilities, or interact with athletics outside of teaching athletes in my classrooms.


One thought on “SIUC Athletics In the News

  1. Shocking! Although I do enjoy Saluki football, I cannot see how this large of an increase can be justified when we claim to serve “blue collar” students, many of whom depend on scholarships, grants, and student loans to support their education. I believe the usual logic is that a well-known athletic program stimulates student recruiting and alumni relations. Perhaps greater support for intercollegiate sports should come from the recruiting budget and from alumni????

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