Tuition at SIUE, the DE Take on Health Care, and Massive Strikes and Pickets

Well, it seems our sister school in Edwardsville has made the “naughty” list for college affordability [Inside Higher Ed], rather than SIUC [Chronicle of Higher Education]. The Education Department released a list of the most and least priciest schools — tuition alone and net price (including tuition, fees, and in some instances room and board) — for undergraduate education, broken down by sector (e.g., four-year public, private, two-year private, etc.). SIUE makes the “naughty” list under net price, with a net cost of $16,278, a 59 percent increase since FY2006-2007 ($10,247).

The DE has a news article about the recent changes in state health care, which gives Representative Mike Bost’s take on the whole switch over. He seems to believe that the new adoption will likely fail and “the state will work to get existing contracts back.”

Finally, across the pond are some of the largest public strikes, pickets, and walkouts are happening today. According to the BBC:

40% of state schools in England and Wales have been closed or partially shut.

The Public and Commercial Services union, which includes police support and border staff, are also on strike.

You can follow “rolling coverage” across the U.K. of what’s going on on this website.


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