Athletics in the News (Again), Bargained Raises for State Employees

The Daily Egyptian seems to have caught on to the increases in athletic spending at SIUC and a report showed up in the sports section yesterday, including mentions of the 120 percent increase in spending and that 71 percent of the funding for Saluki Way comes from student fees and institutional support. My personal favorite bit is a quote from Mario Moccia, director of intercollegiate athletics:

“Here’s the catch. (New) facilities don’t guarantee winners,” Moccia said.  “The reality of it is (the project) had its time and place to be vetted.”

To me that reads as “This is happening whether we have good teams or bad teams and you all lost your chance to object.” Though, if I understand correctly, there actually was a lot of controversy, as this IBHE PDF compilation of various news reports about higher education from February 2006 when the decision was announced will show.

I’m personally wondering if new facilities also guarantee enrollment increases to go along with the tuition and fee increases. Given that enrollment has been dropping overall… I’m guessing not.

The Southern also has a news article today about the cancelled contractual raises for state employees: Pay raise issue could get legislative hearing next week. Essentially a legislative committee, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, which is empowered to act on all emergency rule changes filed by the governor and his agencies will be meeting to decide if the rule change the Governor requested so that he could cancel the bargained raises is valid. So the 30,000 or so employees the Governor broke contractual agreements with could potentially see relief if the committee stops his action.


3 thoughts on “Athletics in the News (Again), Bargained Raises for State Employees

    • Thanks for the links, paranoid! I just did a quick google search when I was writing this, as I started here in 2007 (when there was lingering bad feelings but the project had already been greenlit) so I missed the initial push back and arguments against Saluki Way.

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