Enrollment Up, Give the BOT A Message

The Southern picked up on SIUC’s enrollment increase this summer: Enrollment increase encouraging. Essentially, the administration says that the increase is a “start” to growing the university. What caught my eye, however, was this:

Increases in enrollment have benefitted Southern Illinois University Ed-wardsville as the SIU Board of Trustees will vote Thursday on a salary plan for fiscal year 2011 that could increase employee salaries by as much as 2.5 percent. According to the meeting agenda, state funding left the increases in question but the increases in enrollment made the changes to sala-ries possible.

This makes it even more important we have a presence at Thursday’s Board of Trustees meeting. The SIUC Labor Coalition, comprised of all four locals on the SIUC campus, is organizing a collective action for July 14th. On that day the SIU Board of Trustees will be meeting at approximately 10:00 in Ballroom B of the Student Center. Our plan is to gather in the lobby outside the ballrooms at 9:45 am. From there, we will go into the ballroom together, take seats, and hold up signs that simply say the number “379.” As of July 14th, this will be the number of days that SIUC employees will have been working without a contract. One person will be designated to hold up a larger sign that reads “How Many Days Without a Contract?”

The public comment portion of the meeting is scheduled for approximately 10:30 (the schedule is not always exact, so please allow for the possibility that it may happen a bit later). At that time, a Labor Coalition spokesperson will read a public statement to the BOT on behalf of all four IEA locals. The statement will convey our concerns about the gravity of the labor crisis at SIUC and our sincere hope that the BOT will join with us in preserving collective bargaining rights on our campus. At the end of the public comment portion of the meeting, we’ll distribute copies of the statement to fellow audience members, board members, and the press.

We are asking everyone to wear black to this action as a show of solidarity. Please help spread the word about this action and attend if at all possible. It is crucial that we show the Board that union power on this campus is strong.

SIUC unions to air grievances to board of trustees [The Southern]


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