Statewide Pickets, and the Regional Economic Impact off SIUC

A couple of news items that might be of interest:

AFSCME to host coordinated pickets across state [The Southern] AFSCME is organizing pickets to protest Governor Quinn’s unilateral cancelling of their contractual raises. The report also has several locations in the region where pickets will be taking place.

And the Daily Egyptian has a much more pointed report today: Hiring freeze chills housing market. Essentially, the housing market in Carbondale right now is terrible. Plenty of homes are for sale… but no one is buying. Real estate agents blame the hiring freeze at SIUC for the decrease of home sales. They’re probably right — SIUC isn’t bringing in new employees (other than administration, apparently) and with the flat salaries, many current employees may not be able to afford to buy houses either. It really shows how the economic instability at SIUC ripples out to the region and further shows that we need to get fair, mutually agreed contracts settled.


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