Everyone Stands Together

It looks like the University of Illinois-Chicago faculty won their bid to unionize — as one big faculty union with both tenure-track and adjunct/non-tenure track faculty [Inside Higher Ed]. The Judge in the case, Ellen Maureen Strizak, noted that both faculty groups have enough things in common (e.g., levels of education, duties performed, etc.) to rule in their favor. Congratulations to the UIUC faculty, who are now one step closer to unionization!

As a reminder, upcoming events:

Tomorrow, Thursday July 14 we will “Bring a Message to the Board of Trustees.” We will gather outside the lobby of the Student Center Ballrooms at 9:45am and proceed inside to the BOT meeting at 10am. We ask everyone wear black as a show of solidarity.

Our labor film series also starts this weekend at the Varsity Center for the Performing Arts. Join us for movies and discussion this Sunday, July 17, at 2pm for a showing of Bread and Roses, based on the fight of janitorial workers (SEIU) in L.A. for better working conditions and the right to unionize.

Labor Coalition sponsors film series [The Southern]


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