“One Semester Wonders”


This is information I got from AJ Stoner, the president of the Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association:

This is what I sent in my last NTT communique:
“Our goal in bargaining has been to separate Article 9 from Article 14. In other words, to make a non-reappointment (Article 9) only for non-financial reasons and layoffs (Article 14) for financial reasons. In every instance, we hold to the prerequisite that the NTT-er be qualified and competent to teach the course.

Despite striving for the greater good of SIUC, the NTTFA contract has been used to SELL A SPIN to the public. This administration claims in the media that there have been no layoffs. NTTers all know there have been non-reappointments this past year. Many of you right now are wondering if you will be next. It’s easy to see why they want to non-reappoint for any reason at any time. Then they can tell the community that depends on SIUC employees that no one lost a job because technically no one was laid off.”

Since sharing that message with the unit, NTTers have been coming forward to tell me that they are being offered one-semester appointments for fall. Some of these NTTers are on the brink of attaining continuing appointments, so these one-semester contracts stink of nefariousness. Obviously instead of laying off 96 employees in December, as happened last year, if there’s a financial bump in the road, the university will non-reappoint anyone unlucky enough to have a one-semester appointment. And anyone on the brink of continuing status may suffer a resetting of their continuing clock, in other words, a loss of seniority.

The job security of all faculty are now under attack at SIUC. Between the language in the imposed terms and conditions for the FA, the shrinking amount of civil service positions (through laying off and reclassification into non-union positions), and now this, it’s obvious the administration wants the power to make everyone on campus at-will employees. More than ever we need a fair contract to protect us.

I’ll add more information about what’s happening with the NTTs as I get it.


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