Save the Date, and More


A few things today:

GAU has issued our third Strike Watch with some new information about our last bargaining session — and health care. One of our bargaining goals is to get a commitment from the university to follow the guidelines of the new Patient Affordable Health Care Act. The change that would have the most effect at SIUC would be the removal of the year wait on preexisting conditions. This removal would help thousands of students with everyday, common problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma, who now cannot receive the medical care they need to treat those problems. According to information given to us at bargaining, the cost in student fees to implement this change? Ten dollars. Whatever their objection to making this change, “keeping student costs down” is not the real reason.

45K Verizon workers strike after labor talks [The Southern]
Verizon works go on strike — to keep what they have. Ironic, of course, are some of the comments workers are quoted as making in the article: wanting worker concessions while the company has record profits, executive salaries are in the millions, and so forth. Scale down the numbers a little and it starts to sound awfully familiar…

Finally, don’t forget to save the date! The Labor Coalition is inviting you to join us for a movie and a discussion this Sunday, August 14th at 2pm in the Varsity Theater. We’ll be showing the movie Inside Job, the award-winning documentary exposes the inner workings of the principles during the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent economic meltdown. Refreshments will be provided and family is welcome.


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