Three Days To Go


I hope the rest of you are looking forward to the beginning of the semester as much as I am! In the meantime, however, we have to get through the weekend. With new students, people coming back, parents dropping off, and other commotion, traffic is usually bad and all the stores are packed. Great for business in the community, of course, but occasionally terrible if you need a loaf of bread.

And speaking of the move-in:

Movin’ with a clue [The Southern]
It sounds like the move-in started smoothly, with lots of help from faculty, staff, and graduate assistants who volunteered to be there. We really do care about the students and it shows through the work we do to help them, often unacknowledged. In this article, the credit goes to “university officials,” with a few quotes to Chancellor Cheng about the “renewed spirit” on campus.

Yet, if you read the first letter to the editor, also in today’s online edition of the Southern, you’ll definitely start to wonder how long that “renewed spirit” (if you actually believe it exists for people outside of brand-new students) will last. The letter, written by Nicholas L. Rion (a graduate student), calls out the administration for their treatment of students like “Big Macs.” I give a hearty “yes!” to that, because I know as a student I often feel like a walking dollar sign.

I know, as much as I love SIUC, I certainly won’t feel a “renewed spirit” on campus until there’s a real sense of partnership — like I’m valued for more than the money I pay to the university, when the open contracts are settled in a fair and mutually acceptable manner, and we are recognized for the quality employees we are.


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