Day Two


Performance-based funding is here! Apparently Rita Cheng and accounting professor Allan Karnes are both on the steering committee. The Daily Egyptian’s article was light on specific metrics, but the emphasis on graduation and retention should give readers a clue of where this is heading. Those of you doing a really close reading will also note that the metrics (and goals) are only for undergraduate bachelor’s and associates degrees. What metrics, if any, are there for graduate education? Certificates? Degrees? Do advanced degrees (which, like a 4-year degree are becoming increasingly necessary for high-level jobs) not matter?

As many questions as I have about the direction the state is going for performance-based funding, I suppose I’m grateful we’re slightly better off than our K-12 colleagues — we’re not teaching to the test under No Child Left Behind (or as many K-12 teachers I know refer to it, Every Child Left Behind). Standards aren’t a bad thing nor do I think performance-based funding could be a bad thing either. But when one single metric is used, often without regard to university mission or the social situation, I start to worry a little.

Central Michigan Faculty Strikes; University Plans Classes [Inside Higher Ed] and Judge orders CMU faculty to end strike [Detroit News]. The faculty at CMU have been without contracts since June 30th, were unable to resolve conflicts with the administration before classes started — and they began the year with a strike. Good for them.

But think about that — they’ve been without contracts since June 30th 2011. We’ve been without contracts since June 30th 2010. The only way these open contracts will be settled is if we force the university to come to the table with a real interest in bargaining and creating solutions to the issues each local has left. CMU faculty went on strike to do it. Now’s the time everyone here at SIUC really starts thinking about what we’re willing to do and how long we’re willing to let this go on. I know my patience with the administrative shuffle is wearing pretty thin.


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