The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


A short update today; I’ve got a lot of links and probably won’t provide much commentary (unfortunately, the rest of my day is likely to be spent dealing with vehicle failure).

Rich Whitney is going to give a talk entitled “Academic Freedom and Tenure: What Does the Constitution Protect?” to the ACLU 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 7th at the Lesar Law Building on the SIU Carbondale campus.

Illinois likely site of next fight over public employee benefits [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
Something all of us already knew but an interesting outsider perspective on the upcoming pension reform fight. I don’t recommend reading the comments, though.

Voice of The Southern: Don’t throw art, music education under (budget) bus [The Southern]
The first Gary Metro editorial I’ve read in about six months I actually find myself agreeing with! While Metro’s topic here is how budget cuts shouldn’t effect art and music in K-12 districts (and they shouldn’t) some of the things he says applies just as well to higher education too.

SHG grad Sambursky resigns from SIU coaching job, hires lawyer [State Journal-Register]
Either I missed it in the Southern last week when this happened… or the Southern didn’t cover it. More information on the athletics debacle, including the answer to my question about the whole thing: what exactly Moccia did to start it, which was apparently to tell Sambursky she couldn’t be an effective head coach because she has a young child.

Freshmen enrollment on the rise [Daily Egyptian]
Freshmen enrollment looks good for this semester. Cheng cites the marketing blitz prospective students are treated to. Personally, of all of that I bet it’s the phone calls and personal contacts that do it — plus, as several of the students interviewed point out, knowing friends are at SIUC.

Unions 420 days without contracts continue negotiations [Daily Egyptian]
In contrast to the happy tone of higher enrollment… we’re 420 days without a contract. This DE article highlights that, some of the issues the bargaining teams are dealing with… and a very strange quote from Cheng that seems fairly disconnected from what the unions are talking about.

Finally, I’ve heard reports that there’s going to be some protests of the cutting of the bus route that goes to Evergreen Terrace (home of many graduate students and international students). If anyone has more information about this, let me know!


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