Lots of stuff going on in the news. I’m going to have to get a helper on this blog, sooner rather than later, now that classes have started and there’s actually a lot of SIU-specific news being reported! Anyone wanting to pitch in, email me directly at

From the Daily Egyptian (both editorial):
New SIU logo hinders university image
Even the students don’t like the new logo, with specific critiques from an Art and Design student. He makes a good point though — how is the tacky logo going to reflect on programs like… oh, Marketing, Communications, or Art and Design that teach students how to do things like make logos? Probably not well.

Who’s the manager of the tightwad department?
A call for a “fiscal responsibility office” at SIUC, answerable only to Cheng and Poshard, to try and manage “doing more with less.” Interesting, of course, is that the “less” here is not less administration…

From the IEA:
Education quality is theme of IEA radio ad
The IEA’s radio campaign resumes, so you might hear teacher voices in the region soon.

Pension talks to resume in Springfield
It looks like the unions are invited to a sit-down in Springfield in September about pensions and pension reform. There are also “meetings scheduled” between September and October, of which some I really hope are open hearings for members to speak out.


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