Playing Catch-Up


I feel like I’m playing catch-up a little because I spent the last two days blogging about events, rather than news, and now there’s plenty of news to choose from!

If you haven’t already, you might want to go over to Deo volente, where Dave Johnson blogs about Poshard’s morning conversation with Jennifer Fuller yesterday. He actually has two posts about what Poshard says but I find the post on Poshard’s comments about performance-based funding more interesting. Poshard basically admitted performance funding will create more paperwork (and, while he didn’t say this, I’m betting even more administrative positions) and possibly cutting inefficient classes. Exactly what counts as “inefficient,” particularly within the Core, is something I’d like to know. Low enrollments? Not meeting the learning goals?

It’s the second one I worry about more. I’ve taught 200-level diversity core classes. The learning goals for those are pretty easy to teach to because they’re all testable. The 300-level core class I’m teaching this semester, however, has a goal about developing cooperation through group work and a goal about developing public speaking skills through presentations. My assessment pre/post test definitely doesn’t cover what I’m doing in class to develop those goals. Does that mean when the class is looked at, because I can’t test for those goals, I’m only meeting 2 of 4 and thus an inefficient teacher?

I doubt we’ll get more specifics on metrics and contingencies anytime soon but Sheila Simon is scheduled to talk on WSIU this morning as part of a morning conversation. According to the WSIU calender, she’s scheduled to talk more about performance funding. If I get a chance, I plan on tuning in (or listening to the podcast later, when I have time). I’ll link it up in tomorrow’s post, as well.


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