Rally Reports


Today’s rally was quite successful. My (untrained) guess was we had 350-400 people there through the two hours, which I’m proud of and impressed by considering the heat. The chanting was loud, the whistles kept going, and membership forms were signed.

I include the last one — membership forms were signed — because that’s important. You want a voice on campus? Join the union. You want a say in what contract you get? Guess what — only members can vote on ratification. You want power and control over your own workplace and your own life? Join the union. Now is the time for us to stand together and fight back. We can’t wait until later. We did that and now we’re 428 days without a contract. We can’t expect someone else to do it. We did that and now we’re 428 days without a contract. Now is the time to make your voice heard and make Anthony Hall listen.

I took a ton of pictures, probably too many to simply link up on this post. So I created a flickr account, if you’d like to browse the photo stream! If you have pictures of your own you would like included, send them to me (or I’ll monkey with the settings to let you upload yourself).

You can find the flickr photostream by clicking here!

I’ll be adding links to news coverage of the event to this post as I find it.

University employees picket, threaten to walk off job [WPSD Local 6, with video]
SIUC Faculty & Staff Threaten to Strike [WSIL TV]
Unions protest lack of contracts at university [The Southern]
Unions picket 428 days without contract [Daily Egyptian]
Four Campus Unions Picket At SIU For Labor Agreements [Progress Illinois]


One thought on “Rally Reports

  1. The photos are awesome, I also think it is worth nothing that it was truly great to see so many people over the two hours. The line that ended was brand new compared to the one that started. What an afternoon.

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