Lucky 100


According to WordPress, this is my 100th post. Happy anniversary!

I honestly wish, though, 100 posts were not needed. This blog was created with the express purpose of being an information clearinghouse regarding the potential of a strike. This blog was created in May – when we still had been working without a contract for 11 months without a contract. Now we’re at 15 months and counting. While I hope this blog continues even after the current labor crisis here ends (and even after I am gone), I’m a little saddened by the neccessity that sparked its creation.

So a few questions to ask yourselves:

What am I willing to fight for?
What is better for my students — labor strife or faculty, staff, and graduate assistants who feel secure in their jobs?
How much am I willing to take before I decide enough is enough?
What am I afraid of? How did I become afraid?
Do I want a say in my future at SIUC? A say in the future of unions and unionized labor at SIUC?
What can I do?

You should find your own answers to those questions. I know my answer is “join the union and fight for what I believe is right.”

Upcoming events:
NTTFA Social Event
Tuesday September 6
Callahan’s, 4-6pm
Meet and greet the NTT leadership. All NTT represented are welcome. First drink is on us.

Struggles in Steel: The Fight for Equal Opportunity, over 70 African-American steel workers speak about their struggles for fair treatment during both their 125-year industry as well as after shutdown
A part of the labor film series sponsored by the SIUC Labor Coalition
Sunday September 18, 2pm
Admission is free and family is welcome!


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