Early Morning Edition


I am a morning person — just not usually this early!

Yesterday’s Board meeting saw dissent again, according to the Daily Egyptian. Lowery and Mannering, two of the trustees who voted no to raises at SIUC also voted no yesterday when the Board considered SIUE raises: “Lowery said he could not approve the changes in faculty and administrative payrolls while union members at SIUC are still without contracts.” Lowery explained his no vote fairly succinctly: “As I stated in the July meeting, until we have reached an accord with all our constituents, I must oppose all further promotional or pay increases and all new hires.”

This shows our actions at Board meetings have been working and should continue as much as possible. The Board is a pressure point for getting things done — name getting a fair contract that makes everyone happy and addresses the legitimate needs of employees.

Coupled with that is a nice editorial in the Southern about the logo: “Logo change a poor decision.” The final editorial, “Money should go to education,” is about K-12 educational funding priorities… but it applies just as much to the decisions the SIUC administration has been making.

Upcoming Events:
Struggles in Steel: The Fight for Equal Opportunity, over 70 African-American steel workers speak about their struggles for fair treatment during both their 125-year industry as well as after shutdown
A part of the labor film series sponsored by the SIUC Labor Coalition
Sunday September 18, 2pm
Admission is free and family is welcome!


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