FA Vote Results


The Faculty Association held their strike authorization vote today. I’m pleased to report the results of the FA’s vote:

88 percent voter turnout and 92 of those voting voted yes.

The goal here is a fair agreement that benefits both the employees and SIUC. These strike vote authorizations are a tool to achieving that. This is a union message to the administration: no more delaying, no more imposing, no more vetoing. Cooperate with us, work with us to create a better university.

While the votes are a collective message, you can deliver this message as an individual too:

Ms. Misty Whittington
Executive Secretary of the Board
Office of the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees
(618) 536-3357

Rita Cheng: rcheng@siu.edu
SIUC Chancellor
(618) 453-2341

Glenn Poshard: poshard@siu.edu
SIU President
(618) 536-3357

In the News:
Faculty Association approves authorization strike vote [Daily Egyptian]
Faculty Association authorizes strike [The Southern]
University faculty vote to strike [WPSD Local 6]
FA gives authorization to set strike date [Daily Egyptian]
Professors at Southern Illinois U. at Carbondale Authorize Strike [Chronicle of Higher Education]

Upcoming Events:
Friday September 30: GA United Strike Authorization Vote
Friday September 30: ACsE Nomination and Candidate Form Due
Friday September 30, 4:40-6pm, Blue Martin: NTTFA Informational Meeting
Wednesday October 5, 5pm: Informational Meeting for Students About Striking


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