The title of today’s post says it all: 3 out of 4. I fully expect on Wednesday evening that count will change to 4/4. The game has changed and the unions are adapting. Given the remarkable similarity in all the administration’s press releases recently — they’re not. Hopefully, that isn’t true at the bargaining tables. GAU’s next bargaining session isn’t until the 14th (though it’s possible a session sooner might be called) so it will be interesting to see how the events of last week change dynamics.

I know everyone has questions — especially the students. We’re doing our best to answer those questions. If you haven’t noticed it down the page a little, we’ve also organized an informational meeting for students:

WHERE: Lawson 141
WHEN: October 5th, 5pm

It’s a good time to get some of those questions you have answered.

It also looks like some of the students have organized a protest of their own on coming up:

PROTEST & PRESS CONFERENCE: Student Solidarity with Faculty, GAs & Staff. They’ll be gathering at Anthony Hall at 4:30pm (perhaps to catch the Chancellor when she leaves?) on Wednesday October 12th.

People are energized and engaged about this. People are interested in what’s going on around campus. People are waking up and paying attention — maybe the administration will too.

If you want to send your own wake-up call:

Ms. Misty Whittington
Executive Secretary of the Board
Office of the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees
(618) 536-3357

Rita Cheng: rcheng@siu.edu
SIUC Chancellor
(618) 453-2341

Glenn Poshard: poshard@siu.edu
SIU President
(618) 536-3357

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday October 5, 5pm, Lawson 141: Informational Meeting for Students About Striking


2 thoughts on “3/4

  1. Has the number of days gotten so high that you lost count? If it was 457 on the 30th, it would be 458 on the 1st, 459 on the 2nd and 460 on the 3rd.

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