GAU Sponsored Rally


Here’s another opportunity to have your voice heard.  This one is sponsored by one of the unions.  In this case, the GAU.  Details below:


Calling on all Graduate Students, Faculty, SIUC Employees, Students, and Community Members.

Members of the GAU are asking that you attend a rally in front of Anthony Hall to chant “Set-tle” during the negotiations with the Administration. We welcome anyone that wants to save the semester to come and participate. Our graduate students have been with out a contract for nearly 470 days. It is time that we let the Administration know that we will not go on like this endlessly. Our membership is increasing daily because grad students know that the rhetoric has been very heated and the GAU offers protections that would not be there if it did not exist.

Please come and offer support.

Friday Oct. 14th from 1:30 to 4:00 in front of Anthony Hall.


Let’s hope there is movement at the negotiating table.  And let’s rally outside to show the campus support for settling on a good contract for all involved.  For the good of the university, for the good of all: FOUR FAIR CONTRACTS FOR ALL FOR UNIONS!

As always, if you haven’t let these folks know how you feel, give them a call or send them an email:

Ms. Misty Whittington
Executive Secretary of the Board
Office of the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees
(618) 536-3357

Rita Cheng:
SIUC Chancellor
(618) 453-2341

Glenn Poshard:
SIU President
(618) 536-3357


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