NTTs Set Date


The NTT website was just updated! A unanimous vote in the House of Delegates sets their strike date as 12:01am November 3rd.

As always, if you haven’t let these folks know how you feel, give them a call or send them an email:

Ms. Misty Whittington
Executive Secretary of the Board
Office of the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees
(618) 536-3357

Rita Cheng:
SIUC Chancellor
(618) 453-2341

Glenn Poshard:
SIU President
(618) 536-3357

In the News:
Civil Service union sets strike date [Daily Egyptian]
Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association sets strike date [Daily Egyptian]

Upcoming Events:
Monday October 24, 6-7pm, Student Center Ballroom C: GAU Open Meeting for a Bargaining Update and Setting a Strike Date
Thursday November 3rd, 12:01am: Strike Date for the Faculty Association, Association of Civil Service Employees, and Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association


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