And Then There Were Four


GAU just finished their meeting: we announced our intention to strike at 12:01am Thursday November 3 if no tentative agreement has been reached. You can read our release regarding this on our website.

This isn’t a move any of us take lightly. We plan to use the next 10 days to try and do everything we can to avert a strike by increasing membership, increasing calls for activism, increasing asking people to contact the administration to tell them to do better.

But we need to be prepared to do what is necessary to make sure that education — and the people who provide it — is the top priority at SIUC. And that may require a strike.

As always, if you haven’t let these folks know how you feel, give them a call or send them an email:

Ms. Misty Whittington
Executive Secretary of the Board
Office of the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees
(618) 536-3357

Rita Cheng:
SIUC Chancellor
(618) 453-2341

Glenn Poshard:
SIU President
(618) 536-3357

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday October 25, 12pm-4pm: Tabling in the Student Center
Wednesday October 26, 10am-4pm: Tabling in the Student
Thursday October 27, 10am-4pm: Tabling in the Student Center
Thursday October 27, 5-6pm, Student Center Ballroom A: Open Meeting for International Graduate Assistants
Thursday November 3rd, 12:01am: Strike Date for the Association of Civil Service Employees, Faculty Association, Graduate Assistants United, and Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association


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