Designated hitter number 2 says did the Cards win? I don’t know I’ve been bargaining

This post is from AJ Stoner, president of the NTT FA. I was on the bargaining team and then was elected president, so I am juggling many roles. Tonight (or, this morning) I am keeping a promise to Kristi.

Here’s some of today’s Coalition news as reported to me.

The Coalition is hosting an Open House at the Strike Headquarters, located in the old Carbondale High School, Friday from 4:30-7.

Looking for Volunteers:

  • Facilities management needs one or two folks to help clean up a couple rooms at the Strike HQ. Contact your local facilities committee member or Dave at fada169(at)yahoo(dot)com.
  • We have several volunteers already and still need several more to become Squad Leaders. Squad Leaders can attend either of two one-hour training sessions at the Strike HQ, Saturday at 1 and Tuesday at 6 p.m. Contact George georgerbricker(at)yahoo(dot)com if you can help.
  • There also are some “low profile opportunities” for volunteers who consider themselves more vulnerable for whatever reason. Contact your local president for more information.

Upcoming events

Oh and I almost forgot, a little red bird told me that the World Series was rained out.

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