Carbondale Council Member supports SIUC Unions


Below you’ll find a news release put out by Carbondale City Council Member Jane Adams on Saturday.


29 October 2011


Carbondale City Council Member Jane Adams has expressed her solidarity with the four SIU unions as the deadline for strike action approaches.

“SIU is Carbondale’s anchor,” Adams said. “A large proportion of our citizens are employed by the university. It is the economic engine for Southern Illinois.”

A majority of these employees are represented by the four unions that, for 16 months, have not had a contract with the university. That is unacceptable. This impasse destabilizes the lives of SIUC’s students and our entire region.

“During the many years I worked at SIU I was first a member the civil service employees union and, later, the Faculty Association. I know how deeply committed these employees are to the students and to the university. I have been through several bargaining cycles and have always known the unions to bargain in good faith.”

Adams said, “It is crucial to our city and to the university that agreement be reached before the strike deadline. But if employees’ reasonable goals are not addressed, their right to refuse to continue to work without a contract must be honored.”


4 thoughts on “Carbondale Council Member supports SIUC Unions

  1. Jane gets into the misinformation game here. Dues paying union members are a vast MINORITY of employees. Will she change her tune when, if there is a strike, only a few hundred employees (at best) walk picket lines while thousand more report to work? And there is only one union….not four.

    How did she even get elected?

  2. You are incorrect. There are four unions that have authorized a strike–the FA, the GAU, the NTTFA, and ACSEs. These are four distinct local unions all affiliated with the IEA.

    Jane Adams should be commended for taking a strong, clear stand on this issue.

  3. FACT: union leaders have been intentionally LYING to their members, students and the public. Union leader claims it has “nothing to do about money” is an outright lie. You’ve made it all about the money and as a result students will be forced to pay higher tuition rates. I resigned as vice president from the NTTFA 2 weeks ago and revoked my union membership. Chancellor Cheng has done an excellent job, has made tough decisions but rightfully so to get SIU back to being financially sound. Total union membership is the minority……at less than 25% of the TOTAL FACULTY. I’ve taught @ SIU for 12 years and my husband for 30 years. we are PROUDLY going to work tomorrow. the angry, disgruntled union leaders need to hop on their unicorns and search for the rainbow somewhere else.

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