Halloween Strike Edition


Happy Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year so you’ll forgive me if I take time out of union-related news to wish everyone a good time tonight.

That said! Union news! We’re just at about 60 hours (rounded) until the strike deadline and preparations for the possibility of a strike continue. We all hope it can be avoided but should a strike be necessary union leadership wants to make sure it’s successful.

What can you do?

If you haven’t already, JOIN! Each new union member is a message to the university administration to do better and to settle this in a fair and mutual manner.

If you have already joined (or even if you haven’t!), get in touch with your union leadership for more information on what you can do to volunteer and get active. There are a lot of jobs for people who are willing, from being on the front lines as picket captains to providing support for picketers at comfort stations or at the strike headquarters.

We’re also interested in what you have to say! We’ll be taking video testimonials – “I don’t want to strike but I will because…” – tomorrow at the strike headquarters from 12:30-2:30pm and 4:00-6:00pm. If you’re interested in having your two cents featured, join us!

There will also be a mass meeting Wednesday night at the strike headquarters at 8pm. While we all hope the news there will be “tentative agreements reached for all for unions!” this will be a last chance to get informed about strike plans and organization, in case the news isn’t so good.

Finally, I took a ton of pictures on Friday of the strike headquarters open house (including several of the amazing mural in one of the classrooms). You can check them out here in our flickr account.


One thought on “Halloween Strike Edition

  1. FACT: union leaders have been intentionally LYING to their members, students and the public. Union leader claims it has “nothing to do about money” is an outright lie. You’ve made it all about the money and as a result students will be forced to pay higher tuition rates. I resigned as vice president from the NTTFA 2 weeks ago and revoked my union membership. Chancellor Cheng has done an excellent job, has made tough decisions but rightfully so to get SIU back to being financially sound. Total union membership is the minority……at less than 25% of the TOTAL FACULTY. I’ve taught @ SIU for 12 years and my husband for 30 years. we are PROUDLY going to work tomorrow. the angry, disgruntled union leaders need to hop on their unicorns and search for the rainbow somewhere else.

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