Be prepared

Days without a contract: 489.

8:00 PM Wednesday: General Four Local Solidarity Rally

Attending this meeting is the best way to get the latest news and to find out how you can help in the event a strike goes forward. We all still hope a strike can be avoided, but the best way to end a strike quickly would be to start it strong. If you can’t make the meeting, check this website for the latest updates, and be prepared to come join us at the picket line Thursday morning. If there’s a strike, we’ll be at the major entrances to campus bright and early.

Getting ready

This would be an excellent time to review the Strike FAQ found on this site.  Faculty (and others) may find additional useful information on the FA’s Strike FAQ page.  Striking workers could be denied access to SIUC email accounts (and presumably other things one accesses via DAWG tag, including the library) and could also be locked out of offices. And any materials instructors leave in their offices (or online) could be used by a strikebreaker hired to teach your class.  So consider the following:

  • Make sure your union has a way to get in touch with you from off campus — a non-SIU email and off-campus phone number.
  • If you plan to elect COBRA coverage, make sure the university has the correct off-campus mailing address for you. For more on COBRA, see the 4-local COBRA page:
  • Strip office computers of files a strikebreaker could use.
  • Be prepared to do without your SIUC email. Get an alternative email account if you do not already have one. To set up a free gmail account (in addition to your SIUC account), try this link: Sign up for Gmail |  Prepare an “out of the office” message on your SIU email, perhaps with an alternate way to contact you.
  • Prepare to shut down any website that could provide assistance to someone teaching your class. (If you created such materials as part of your normal preparations for class, they are your intellectual property.)
All four unions are completing preparations for a strike. None of us want to strike, but only flexibility on the part of the administration can prevent a strike now.

5 thoughts on “Be prepared

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  3. FACT: union leaders have been intentionally LYING to their members, students and the public. Union leaders claim it has “nothing to do about money” is an outright lie. You’ve made it all about the money and as a result students will be forced to pay higher tuition rates. I resigned as vice president from the NTTFA 2 weeks ago and revoked my union membership. Chancellor Cheng has done an excellent job, has made tough decisions but rightfully so to get SIU back to being financially sound. Total union membership is the minority……at less than 25% of the TOTAL FACULTY. I’ve taught @ SIU for 12 years and my husband for 30 years. we are PROUDLY going to work tomorrow. the angry, disgruntled union leaders need to hop on their unicorns and search for the rainbow somewhere else.

  4. @Darla Kay Karnes: Do tell me what Rita Cheng has done for the university? I am curious because I do not see it. I have been in this community for more than 20 years and have watched enrollment decline the entire time. I am now a graduate student with SKY ROCKETING FEES, that came after the implementation of the SALUKI WAY. While she was not there during the implementation of this development, she endorses it. It is in my opinion, a waste of my fees and my tax dollars. I would rather have great faculty than a new football stadium that is never full, a losing football team, a basketball coach that is overpaid and under producing, $30,000 vet bill for 4 DAWGs that we do not own. Excuse me….education first.

  5. Those wanting to figure out the truth on the “it’s all about money” claim should take a look at the FA press release (in the next post after this one) to see the offer the administration rejected tonight. We’d forgo any raise in the next few years unless SIUC revenue went up.

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