FATV and Meeting Reminder

SIUC Faculty Association Strike – Day 2 from Faculty Association on Vimeo.

I received this fantastic video last night. It really cuts through the issues and provides some nice perspectives from people on the line. Thanks to the hard work of the “FATV” group (whose names I will add to this post after I doublecheck all crediting) on getting this completed.

For all faculty, don’t forget there’s a meeting open to the entire bargaining unit TONIGHT at 5pm at the Carbondale Civic Center.

I’m also adding a few more letters of support for the FA and their fight for fairness later today (when I get to a computer with less email formatting issues), including a letter from the National Education Association’s President Dennis Van Roekel. The support for the faculty is there. This is a hard but winnable fight — the administration’s willingness to finally return to bargaining is a key sign of that. Keep the pressure up until the faculty are able to do what they really want to be doing: returning to work with a fair tentative agreement!


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