About Dave Johnson

I'm an Associate Professor in Classics and currently (fall 2016) President of the SIUC Faculty Association.

FA Thank You Party

In appreciation for the many contributions of our members and supporters, the SIUC Faculty Association is sponsoring a Thank You Party from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. this Saturday, November 19 at Hangar 9 (511 S Illinois Avenue). All who supported the FA during the last couple of weeks are invited to share a little food and drink and celebrate our joint achievement in reaching the tentative agreement on the Faculty Association contract. Spouses or partners are welcome to come as well.  See you there.


Rally Wednesday at 3:00 pm, Stone Center

The executive committee of the SIU Board of Trustees will meet at the Stone Center tomorrow afternoon. We will rally there at 3:00 PM to give them some advice on how to end this strike: with a fair contract for SIUC faculty.  Join us.




1400 Douglas Dr.

In the happy event of a contract settlement in the meantime we will gladly let the BOT executive team meet in peace.

Board ensures strike continues

Here’s  press release the FA has just released.  The strike will continue Tuesday.

Board departs negotiations after revising proposal

 At 5:17 pm on Monday November 7, the SIUC administration’s bargaining team presented the Faculty Association’s negotiating team with a revised proposal on all remaining items at dispute.  The administration’s team then informed the FA team that they were departing for the evening and wished to resume negotiations Tuesday morning. The FA’s bargaining team will return to bargaining with the administration team Tuesday.

The following statement may be attributed to FA spokesperson Dave Johnson.

“While we will seriously consider the board team’s revised offer, we are extremely disappointed that they have broken off negotiations this evening.  Their premature departure ensures that the strike by faculty on the SIUC campus will continue at least one more day.  The faculty team will work through the evening to prepare for negotiations and be ready to meet with the BOT team Tuesday morning.”

FA on strike; other locals still in bargaining

A statement read by FA spokesman Dave Johnson (me) is included below.  The long and the short of it is that the FA is on strike, while the other three locals were still in talks as of 1:00 am. I will let those locals characterize their own situation as they see fit and when they see fit. I will say this: a victory for one local is a victory for all locals. If any of the unions settles, the others will offer them congratulations–fair settlements are what we are all after. The others will also welcome support from all members of the local that has settled–and indeed from anyone in the broader SIUC community eager to support our cause. If your local has a tentative agreement by tomorrow morning, you are indeed still most welcome to join us at the picket lines when your schedule allows. We’ve been clear all along that each local is independent, which means that each must bargain its own contract. And our strike planning has taken this into account. Tonight all four locals had a great meeting that united all of us; that unity can and should continue in coming days and even after the settlement of the last contract by the last union.

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Be prepared

Days without a contract: 489.

8:00 PM Wednesday: General Four Local Solidarity Rally

Attending this meeting is the best way to get the latest news and to find out how you can help in the event a strike goes forward. We all still hope a strike can be avoided, but the best way to end a strike quickly would be to start it strong. If you can’t make the meeting, check this website for the latest updates, and be prepared to come join us at the picket line Thursday morning. If there’s a strike, we’ll be at the major entrances to campus bright and early.

Getting ready

This would be an excellent time to review the Strike FAQ found on this site.  Faculty (and others) may find additional useful information on the FA’s Strike FAQ page.  Striking workers could be denied access to SIUC email accounts (and presumably other things one accesses via DAWG tag, including the library) and could also be locked out of offices. And any materials instructors leave in their offices (or online) could be used by a strikebreaker hired to teach your class.  So consider the following:

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Carbondale Council Member supports SIUC Unions


Below you’ll find a news release put out by Carbondale City Council Member Jane Adams on Saturday.


29 October 2011


Carbondale City Council Member Jane Adams has expressed her solidarity with the four SIU unions as the deadline for strike action approaches.

“SIU is Carbondale’s anchor,” Adams said. “A large proportion of our citizens are employed by the university. It is the economic engine for Southern Illinois.”

A majority of these employees are represented by the four unions that, for 16 months, have not had a contract with the university. That is unacceptable. This impasse destabilizes the lives of SIUC’s students and our entire region.

“During the many years I worked at SIU I was first a member the civil service employees union and, later, the Faculty Association. I know how deeply committed these employees are to the students and to the university. I have been through several bargaining cycles and have always known the unions to bargain in good faith.”

Adams said, “It is crucial to our city and to the university that agreement be reached before the strike deadline. But if employees’ reasonable goals are not addressed, their right to refuse to continue to work without a contract must be honored.”