Bargaining: What’s At Stake

All four unions are in the middle of bargaining new contracts with the university administration.

All four unions have met with difficulties at attempting to work together with the university to create a better place — including the administration trying to silence our voices and unfairly imposing terms and conditions of employment that helps no one. If you are interested in seeing some of the items still on the table for each union, this is the place to go!

GAU: What’s At Stake
This details the remaining issues on the bargaining table and why GAU believes it is not in our best interest to take a contract until these issues are resolved

FA Fact Sheets [all PDF]:

On Chancellor Cheng’s Ultimatum
A sheet explaining what led up to Chancellor Cheng imposing terms and conditions of employment on the FA

Our Bargaining Rights
A short fact sheet detailing the current Faculty Association progress in bargaining and what steps the FA is taking to try and bring the administration back to the table so that fair bargaining can continue.

A fact sheet regarding the board’s position on furloughs for the FA for the 2010-2011 year — and in the future

Furlough Language
Specific contract language both from the administration that imposes furloughs and the FA proposals

Reduction in Force
The FA examines the effect of imposed terms and conditions on tenure at SIUC — and finds that tenure is threatened

SIU Board Reduction in Force Terms
The language within the Board’s imposed terms and conditions that could potentially threaten tenure


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