FA Thank You Party

In appreciation for the many contributions of our members and supporters, the SIUC Faculty Association is sponsoring a Thank You Party from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. this Saturday, November 19 at Hangar 9 (511 S Illinois Avenue). All who supported the FA during the last couple of weeks are invited to share a little food and drink and celebrate our joint achievement in reaching the tentative agreement on the Faculty Association contract. Spouses or partners are welcome to come as well.  See you there.


Rally Wednesday at 3:00 pm, Stone Center

The executive committee of the SIU Board of Trustees will meet at the Stone Center tomorrow afternoon. We will rally there at 3:00 PM to give them some advice on how to end this strike: with a fair contract for SIUC faculty.  Join us.




1400 Douglas Dr.

In the happy event of a contract settlement in the meantime we will gladly let the BOT executive team meet in peace.

Board ensures strike continues

Here’s  press release the FA has just released.  The strike will continue Tuesday.

Board departs negotiations after revising proposal

 At 5:17 pm on Monday November 7, the SIUC administration’s bargaining team presented the Faculty Association’s negotiating team with a revised proposal on all remaining items at dispute.  The administration’s team then informed the FA team that they were departing for the evening and wished to resume negotiations Tuesday morning. The FA’s bargaining team will return to bargaining with the administration team Tuesday.

The following statement may be attributed to FA spokesperson Dave Johnson.

“While we will seriously consider the board team’s revised offer, we are extremely disappointed that they have broken off negotiations this evening.  Their premature departure ensures that the strike by faculty on the SIUC campus will continue at least one more day.  The faculty team will work through the evening to prepare for negotiations and be ready to meet with the BOT team Tuesday morning.”

List of Events

I am just trying to use this post to collect all the different events going on today:

12pm: a visiting professor from Mizzou was scheduled to perform “The Masses Performing Bohemia” who is refusing to cross the picket line. Instead, the performance will happen ON the picket line in front of Anthony Hall!
Student Strike and Rally starting at Anthony Hall at 3:30

Bargaining is going on all day in the Student Center. If you get a chance, stop by the Wabash room and let the bargaining team you appreciate their efforts.

As I get information on other events, I’ll add it to the list.

NTT FA signs tentative agreement at 5:10 a.m.

Now only the Faculty Association remains without a FAIR collective bargaining agreement.

NTT employees are to report to work because there is a no-strike clause in the contract. NTT should support the FA when not at work.

The team is exhausted so details will be released at a later time. NTT FA does thank everyone in NTT FA who helped and voted in SOLIDARITY!