FAQ: Questions Raised by a Strike

Questioned raised about a the use of a strike and what a strike might do:

A. With all this conflict, how can you expect to work in partnership with the university?

Our goal remains to be a partner in making this university the very best it can be.  We have demonstrated our commitment through years of dedication to this university and its mission and by working with the administration to build a better institution.  That’s still our commitment.  Nothing will change that.

B. Isn’t a strike the last thing SIUC needs?

The last thing we need is a university administration that refuses to treat its employees with the respect they deserve, is unwilling to negotiate with the unions that represent them, and imposes its own unilateral demands. This strategy destroys morale, mutual respect, and trust, and hobbles this university at a time it needs the best efforts of all its employees.

C. What good would a strike do?

A strike will be called only if we judge that it is the only way to induce the administration to do what it should have done without a strike: negotiate fair contracts with all unionized employees. Fair contracts will provide a stable foundation for SIUC to build on in the years to come.

D. So do you want to go on strike?

We don’t want to, but we will.  We will if we are left with no other principled alternative.  That said, it would be best for all parties if the administration would come back to the table in partnership to work out fair agreements as soon as possible.  Our hand is extended in partnership.  If the administration would meet us half way, we could resolve the outstanding issues in a timely way, and begin to work together toward building a better future for SIUC.


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