This page will contain a list of questions that union leadership is frequently asked. This is your first stop when searching out information. If you have a question you want to see answered (and subsequently added to the list), leave a comment or contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.

A. What legal requirement is met by an “Intent to Strike Notice”?
B. Just how does filing the “Notice of Intent to Strike” preserve our rights?
C. What other legal requirements must be met in order to strike?
D. Would members vote on whether or not to strike?
E. Shouldn’t there have been a vote about these notices? Didn’t the FA do this in 2003?
F. Why not submit the administration’s “last, best, and final” offers to membership votes?
G. Did the administration have the legal right to impose these terms?
H. If these imposed terms are illegal, how can the administration get away with this?
I. Do we have a legal recourse other than waiting?

A. How has the administration failed to bargain?
B. Hasn’t the Chancellor said her teams are willing to return to bargaining?
C. Hasn’t the Chancellor said that her imposed terms apply only to this year?
D. Hasn’t the Chancellor said her terms would not undermine tenure?
E. Isn’t GA United in a somewhat different position?
F. Are you saying: “Settle with all the unions or none of us will settle?”
G. If negotiations resume, can’t we stop all this strike talk?

The Issues That Divide Us
A. What specific issues separate the unions from the administration?
B. How do union concerns affect the quality of the education we provide to our students?
C. Why should you have a say in running the university? Isn’t that the administration’s job?
D. The administration says you’re trying to force non-members to pay dues. Is that true?

A. Why should you have guaranteed jobs?
B. How can you seek raises at times like these?
C. Wouldn’t a strike affect the economy of the community?
D. Aren’t furlough days a shared sacrifice necessary to prevent layoffs?
E . Doesn’t the state budget crisis require deep cuts at SIUC?
F. Isn’t SIUC facing a massive budget shortfall?

Questions Raised by a Strike
A. With all this conflict, how can you expect to work in partnership with the university?
B. Isn’t a strike the last thing SIUC needs?
C. What good would a strike do?
D. So do you want to go on strike?


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