Join Us

We are always looking for people passionate about creating a better SIUC. There are several ways you can help!

Join Your Local!
Add your voice to the voices of others and show the university there is strength in numbers.
Join ACsE
Join the FA
Join GAU
Join the NTTFA

Get Involved!
Strength in numbers is only the beginning if we want to get the university administration back to the bargaining table and gain a fair contract. We have to be able to do something with those numbers! If you are interested in volunteering and taking part in any of the upcoming actions, please contact Kristi Brownfield []:

Letter to the editor campaigns
Informational picketing

Getting involved is a great way to meet others from across the campus, learn a lot about the way a university works, and spend your time making SIUC a better place for everyone!


One thought on “Join Us

  1. I joined the NTTFA on October 4, 2011 and paid one month’s dues in the amount of $35.70. I have not been contacted by a union representative, but I was on the list and voted to authorize the strike. I made another dues payment of $35.70 by dropping off a check at the IEA office in Carterville on November 1, 2011. This is also where I turned in initial membership application paperwork and my first dues payment. I appreciate all the hard work from all the bargaining teams. CMDevine, SIUC Paralegal Studies.

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