Messages of Support

We want to thank everyone for their support in this trying time while the Faculty Association is striking. We created this page to give everyone a central place to leave messages of support and index all the other places you can express your well-wishes for the striking faculty.

Online Petition of Support for the SIUC Faculty
Facebook Page: SIUC Stop Censoring
GAU Statement of Support for the Faculty
Graduate and Professional Student Council Statement of Support
NEA President Dennis Van Roekel’s Statement of Support
SIUE Non-Tenure Track Faculty President Alan Shiller’s Statement of Support


One thought on “Messages of Support

  1. It was SO hard to cross your picket lines on Thursday & Friday, but our union told us to go to work, due to their new non-strike clause. I will be joining you before work on Monday morning. I love the sign “Don’t Hate — Negotiate!” We wouldn’t have come to this demoralizing state of affairs if the administration only took that advice a lot earlier.

    – NTT @ SIUC

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