Strike Watches

This page is a collection of the different strike watch, strike communications, bargaining updates, or other communications sent to members from the four unions:

Association of Civil Service Employees:
ACsE Strike Watch #3 08-11-2011

Faculty Association:
FA Strike Watch #1 07-27-2011
FA Strike Watch #2 08-15-2011
FA Strike Watch #3 08-26-2011
FA Strike Watch #4 09-02-2011 (Stand Up For a Fair Contract)

Graduate Assistants United:
GAU Strike Watch #1 07-25-2011
GAU Strike Watch #2 08-01-2011
GAU Strike Watch #3 08-08-2011
GAU Strike Watch #4 08-15-2011
GAU Strike Watch #5 08-22-2011
GAU Strike Watch #6 08-29-2011
GAU Strike Watch #7 09-06-2011

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Association:
NTT Strike Watch #1 08-11-2011
NTT Strike Watch #2 09-01-2011


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